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Essential Boating Equipment: Must-Have Gear for Every Boater

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  Exploring the open waters in your boat must be guided by a certain level of expertise and properly equipped. In this blog, you will read about the lifesaving and luxury equipment that a boater cannot exclude while being on a water body even for a single mile. Starting with life jackets to tools to help navigate the seas, and boat maintenance app to keep you notified with every servicing cycle of your boat, everything that should be on your boat will be discussed here. Prepare yourself for essential boating equipment and to boost your boating efficiency with all the confidence! 

A. Essential Boating Equipment 

There are various essential boating equipment and supplies that are required before you plan your trip. Let’s explore them: 

1. Anchors 

Anchors are one of the essential boating equipment, as they’re designed to ensure that the boat remains secured and anchored in a water body. They are necessary for anchoring your boat when you wish to reject the silence of a location or when you have to stop for some reason.  While it comes in various sizes and designs, a boat anchor shares a common purpose: to prevent your boat from going astray with the flow of water, especially during the onset of winds or bad weather. The most popular type of anchor is the “fluke” or “plow” anchor which is specifically used to push itself into the ground and hold the boat in place. Here are some top ranked places to buy anchors from- West Marine, Go2Marine and Defender.     

(Source- West Marine) 

2. Marine Electronics- Radar, Sonar and VHF Radios

Marine electronics involve different gadgets, appliances, and devices useful to make the experience of boating enjoyable and safe. The major ones include radar, sonar, and VHF radios.  

  • Radar is one of the essential boating equipment to use when it is foggy or rainy when one is at the wheel. It sends out radio waves that bounce back off nearby objects, allowing one to see other boats, floating markers, and land. This capability is required a lot in areas of concentrated traffic and during night operations.  

Best places to buy radar for your boat are – The GPS Store, West Marine and My Green Outdoors.

 (Source- The GPS Store)  

  • Sonar is a tool any boater would need to help him discover what exists beneath the water. In its basic working, it employs sound waves to build up a picture of the seabed and its surroundings. This feature is very useful especially if one is fishing in regions with vast water bodies, for identification of schools or ice, or if one wants to avoid shoals of rocks or sunken boats.  

Here are some top sources from where you can buy a sonar for your boat- MarCum Technologies, Bass Pro and Cabela’s.