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Boaters require different types of mobile apps to enhance their boating experience. These apps for boaters offer valuable information, reminders, and tools specific to their needs.

If you own a boat and love to sail through the ocean, you must have some of these apps on your mobile devices. They help you navigate, plan, and maintain your boat.

To save you from the hassle of finding the right apps, we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly apps for boaters in different categories. So without further ado, let’s get started with the first category.

Boat Maintenance Apps for Boaters

These apps for boaters are designed to help you keep track of your vessel's maintenance tasks and schedules.

Boat maintenance apps are critical for you to have because they ensure you stay on top of necessary maintenance for optimal boat performance and safety. 

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Boat Butler

Boat Butler is an all-in-one app for boaters that revolutionizes the boating experience. It is considered among the best free apps for boaters.

It is designed to provide comprehensive boating services, facilitate connections among boat owners and enthusiasts, and ensure boats' proper care and maintenance. 

The Boat Butler app offers a range of features, including maintenance reminders, service schedules, and access to a network of trusted boat maintenance experts. 

It aims to make boating enjoyable and hassle-free by providing a platform for boat owners to connect, share experiences, and access professional services. 

With this boat app, boaters can ensure their vessels remain in optimal condition and create lasting memories on the water.


  • Advanced engine maintenance algorithms 
  • Social login
  • Offline accessibility 
  • Automated reminders for services
  • Customizable reminders and notifications
  • Track service history and payments 
  • Save boat information and easy documentation
  • Community and forum interactions
  • Commercial directory 


  • Free trial for a month.
  • The personal plan for 2 boats and 2 engines is $89.99 annually. 
  • The professional plan for 4 boats and 2 engines is $179.99 annually. 
  • The business plan for unlimited boats and engines is $199.99 per year.

2. Boat App

The Boat App, powered by TheBoatDB, is among the best free boating apps, designed to effortlessly track all your boat-related information. 

It serves as your everyday companion, offering features such as a logbook, inventory management, task tracking, and checklists, all consolidated into a user-friendly experience. 

Accessible through both web and mobile applications, this app provides seamless offline functionality. 

By organizing everything in one place, the Boat App promotes safety onboard, instills peace of mind, and enhances the reselling value of your vessel. 

Users gain access to two full-featured boating platforms with just one account, making it an indispensable resource for boat enthusiasts and owners.


  • Offline capabilities
  • User-defined fields
  • Cloud storage 
  • File and logbook sharing
  • User-to-user sharing
  • Checklist sharing
  • Assignable tasks and alerts
  • Weather trackability 
  • GPS accessibility


The Boat App is free of cost. But to get access to advanced features, buy the Gold plan at the cost of €49.90 per year.   

Boat Navigation Apps

Boat navigation app designed for boaters, providing essential navigational tools, charts, and GPS functionality. They are crucial for safe and efficient navigation on the water. 

These apps for boaters offer real-time positioning, route planning, and other vital information to ensure a secure boating experience. Here we’re listing the top boat navigation apps. The best part, we’ve found some free boat navigation apps as well.

1. iNavX

iNavX is a highly acclaimed handheld chartplotter app that brings the functionality of a chartplotter directly to your phone.

It stands out as the boating maps app that seamlessly integrates charts from various providers and offers extensive features.

Trusted by casual and professional sailors, fishermen, and cruisers worldwide, iNavX provides access to high-resolution NOAA RNC raster charts for the West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Virgin Islands. 

The boat app also allows for data overlays such as AIS LIVE from SiiTech and weather information from Theyr Premium Weather, all conveniently accessible. 


  • Real-time navigation on marine charts 
  • Waypoint selection, creation, and editing
  • Marine chart selection
  • Track history 
  • Anchor alarm
  • Marina and Navaid search 
  • Weather and forecast integration 
  • Forecast plot (Wind and Pressure)
  • AIS targets plotted on a chart 


Chart subscriptions on iNavX range from $9.99 to $199.99 annually, depending on the chart and the supplier.

2. Navionics® Boating

The Navionics® Boating app is considered one of the best boat GPS apps, offering comprehensive features and functionality. 

This app combines GPS technology's power with the extensive Navionics charts database, providing boaters with accurate and detailed navigation information. 

The Navionics Boating app allows users to plan routes, track their progress, and receive real-time GPS positioning while on the water. 

The app also includes advanced features like SonarChart™, which provides detailed bathymetric maps, and Community Edits, allowing users to contribute and access valuable information shared by other boaters. 

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Navionics Boating app ensures a reliable and user-friendly boating experience.


  • Nautical chart
  • Sonar chart
  • Satellite imagery 
  • Map option
  • Auto guidance 
  • Weather and tides
  • Markers, tracks distance 
  • GPX import/ export 


You can get the Navionics boating app mobile subscription at $24.99 annually. 

3. Sea Pilot

The Sea Pilot app is built upon the foundations of commercial shipping standards. It delivers advanced electronic navigation capabilities and digital nautical charts.

This unique aspect makes it one of the most popular apps for boaters. Setting an advanced precedent, this boating app became the first navigation app to incorporate Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, enabling users to easily track other vessels on nautical charts.

Real-time AIS weather is also provided with the app, enhancing the safety and efficiency of boaters using the app.  


A one-stop destination for boat maintenance

To manage your boat download the application

  • GRIB data and presentation 
  • Internet AIS
  • Social boating 
  • NMEA
  • Polars
  • Download polar files
  • Weather forecast
  • Weather routing


The Sea Pilot app offers free-of-cost accessibility. But to access more advanced features, you must buy a Premium of $39.99 annually. 

Weather and Forecast Apps

Weather and forecast apps provide essential meteorological information, including weather conditions, forecasts, and severe weather alerts. These boating apps are vital for you, as they allow for better preparation and planning.

By staying updated on weather conditions, you can mitigate risks and avoid dangerous situations using boating weather apps to optimize your overall boating experience. 

1. Fishbrain

Fishbrain is an essential fishing app that equips anglers with the necessary resources. By utilizing AI-powered fishing spot prediction, it assists in locating prime fishing areas. 

It helps you to stay prepared with weather updates, expert bait recommendations, and accurate regulations on open seasons, bag limits, and measurements. 

Fishbrain also helps you organize your catches in a personal logbook with species recognition for easy identification. 


  • Depth maps 
  • Learn from local anglers
  • Fishing forecast 
  • Logbook 
  • 14 Million catch locations


You can access the Fishbrain app for free. To unlock more features, avail the yearly subscription plan at $79.99. 

2. BoatUS

The BoatUS app offers a range of features and services to meet the diverse needs of boaters. 

The app enables users to access vital resources and information, such as safety guidelines, weather updates, and navigational aids. Additionally, it provides access to competitive boat insurance coverage, ensuring boaters have the necessary protection. 

One of the notable traits of the BoatUS app is its access to the largest on-water towing fleet in the nation. This means it offers assistance and peace of mind in case of breakdowns or emergencies while boating.


  • Request a tow
  • Find nearby marinas, fuel stations
  • Dispatch 
  • Membership plan
  • Insurance
  • Weather updates
  • Location


The BoatUS app is free of cost. However, if you want to get access to more smart features, you can request the pricing for the premium plan. 

Other Apps for Boaters

In addition to the apps we’ve discussed, we found two more useful apps for boaters. These apps enable boaters to connect, share knowledge, and access emergency assistance. 

1. Sea Tow

Sea Tow provides complimentary boat towing services exclusively for its members.

You can swiftly request emergency assistance by initiating an SOS signal by downloading the mobile application.

The app identifies your precise GPS location, prominently displaying it in easily legible numbers and on a map. What’s best is that you can instantly share your location via text, email, and other communication platforms with a tap.


  • Free boat towing 
  • Unlimited dock-to-dock towing on all boats
  • Nationwide and offshore coverage 
  • Boat salvage 
  • On-water services
  • Subscription plans 


  • Gold card: $199 per year
  • Lake Card: $119 per year
  • Commercial Card: $249 per year
  • Professional Card: $399 per year

2. FishAngler

FishAngler is among the most demanded apps for boaters. It aims to unite the fishing community worldwide and enhance the sport's progression.

The app is designed to bring the fishing industry into the modern age; It is available for both Android and iOS and offers a comprehensive technological update. 

From capturing and sharing your best fishing moments to accessing knowledge and expertise,

this app is a hub for anglers to connect, learn, and thrive in their passion for fishing.


  • Advanced map layers 
  • Real-time forecasting
  • Track every detail  
  • Connect with anglers 


The FishAngler app is available free of cost, with no hidden charges or subscription fees. 

Wrapping Up 

In a nutshell, these budget-friendly apps for boaters are essential tools, providing a range of benefits. 

They offer cost-effective navigation, communication, safety, and community engagement solutions. 

These apps enhance boating experiences by providing access to vital information, emergency services, and weather updates. 

Moreover, they provide a platform to connect with fellow boaters, ensuring safety, convenience, and an enjoyable boating journey.

Lastly, let us know which of these apps you like the most. If you’re already using some of them, share your views.


1. What are the top free apps for boaters?

The following apps offer free access for boaters:

  • Boat Butler
  • Boat App
  • Sea Pilot
  • Fishbrain
  • BoatUS
  • FishAngler

2. What are the top apps for boaters?

The following are the top apps for boaters:

  • Boat Butler
  • Boat App
  • iNavX
  • Navionics® Boating
  • Sea Pilot
  • Fishbrain
  • BoatUS
  • Sea Tow
  • FishAngler

3. What features should I look for in a boat maintenance app?

The following features are a must for a boat maintenance app:

  • Hull Cleaning Reminder
  • Engine Maintenance Reminder
  • Maintenance Updates for Propeller and Shaft
  • Weather Forecast and Notifications
  • Automated Service Reminders

4. What are the top navigation apps for boaters?

The following are the top boat navigation apps:

  • iNavX
  • Navionics® Boating
  • Sea Pilot

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