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Like all other vehicles, boats need proper care and maintenance to ensure their smooth and seamless performance every time you are out there in the waters. Proper care and repair services ensure the proper functioning and the safety and long life of your precious water vehicles. If you are a proud boat owner, you are sure to know that taking care of these beauties is a must, not just for the times you are on the water but also before and after. To make sure that you have a fantastic time with the ones you love every time you are out there on the waters, we at Boat Butler bring you a complete guide that is sure to take care of all your boat-related information, needs, and requirements. 

Why choose Boat Butler?

We are one of the leading and most reliable boat management systems that bring you a unique and innovative approach to ensuring the best care for your water beauties. We consist of a team of experts who, based on the type and engine of your boat, undertake several specifications to notify you regarding the various essentials of your boat. In addition, we bring you a list of easy ways to take care of your boats.

1. Keep the exteriors of your boat clean  - Did you know that keeping the exteriors of your boat clean is essential for far more reasons than just maintaining its appeal and beauty?  From providing a solid resistance against unwanted bacteria and species to protecting the structure of the boat from preventing it from saltwater abrasions and much more, clean exteriors prevent the boat from scratches and abrasions. However, it is essential to remember that when cleaning the boat's exteriors, one must use safe products that are free from toxins and chemicals to save the seawater from getting polluted.

2. Proper storage of the boat -It is essential to safeguard the boats against harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, etc. If you are not well prepared for weeks of inactivity with your boats, then you are likely to face problems when you start using them again. If you are planning to keep your boats outdoors for storage, then the best way to do so is by getting them shrink-wrapped by a professional. Indoor protection is, by all means, one of the best choices as it saves your boat from both sun and bad weather. 

3. Boat engine maintenance - You don’t necessarily have to be a mechanic to care for the boat engine. By following simple tips and instructions, you can ensure that your engine's heart is running smoothly and free from salt, dust, and other debris. You can start by ensuring that your engine and battery are switched off. The carburettor is always clean, the water pump's proper flow, the cowling's properly functioning, and much more.

4. Saltwater boat maintenance  - If you are using your boats in salt water, their high maintenance is crucial, as saltwater increases the chances of corrosion by manifolds. Some easy tips to ensure that your boats stay safe from salt water are cleaning them with fresh water and soap and flushing out all the salty water from your engines. 

5. Always maintain a boat maintenance checklist  - Since your boats are an amalgamation of many elements and components, it is imperative that you ate paying equal attention to all the parts. This, however, is possible only when you make the smart choice of maintaining a checklist. From the battery to the engine, bilge pump to the propeller, from maintaining other fluid levels to keeping a check on oil and filter, the proper maintenance of each part is crucial to ensure its smooth functioning.

Boat maintenance schedule :

One of the best ways to take care of not just your boat but also the many other essential things in life is by maintaining a schedule. Not only does this exercise ensure that you are not forgetting anything but also that you are getting all your work done on time. At Boat Butler, we ensure that with our world-class boat maintenance app, you get timely reminders and notifications regarding multiple factors such as fueling, repair, serving, and much more. Your boat maintenance schedule must consist of the following points:

• Check the oil and, if needed, refuel it.

• Check the propeller for damages.

• Check the steering movement.

• Check the hull for damage and repair it as needed.

• Properly wash the hull and deck.

• Check the bilge pump.

• Ensure that the battery is properly charged.

• Ensure that the electric systems are working properly.

• Always maintain a check on the fire extinguishers systems.

The boat maintenance schedule for every 20 hours-

After 20 hours, ensure the completion of the following tasks. 

• Always check the lower water unit and go ahead with refuelling as desired and needed.

• Treat the fuel with decarbonized.

• Always check the engine for proper RPM.

• Cleanliness and maintenance of the interiors.

The boat maintenance schedule for every 50 hours-

After completion of 50 hours of boat usage, the following points should be on the top of your list :

• The fuel lines should be checked for degradation.

• Maintain a check on the steering system fluid levels and refill as needed.

• Tighten all accessible bolts and fasteners.

• Maintain a check on the engine mounts.

• Replace the water pump impeller

• Replace the oil and fuel filters.

• For secure mounting, maintain a check on the bow and stern eyes.

A one-stop destination for boat maintenance

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• Maintain a check on the rub rail for damage.

• Ensure proper service and maintenance from professionals and experts.

What makes Boat Bulter a must for the maintenance of your boats?

At Boat Butler, we are a smart, unique, and efficient boat maintenance app that firmly believes boats are beautiful vehicles that can function smoothly with the right balance of care and expertise. Using a state-of-the-art boat management system has enabled us to develop a visionary app for automated maintenance and boat community management. There is a wide variety of boats available in the market, and naturally, the needs and maintenance requirements of one boat are sure to differ from that of another’s. In times like this, maintaining their schedules and the right times of fueling, servicing, etc., cannot just be a task but also a long process. This is where we at Boat Butler come to your rescue and help you to take care of all your servicing, scheduling, etc. we introduce you to the best vendors near you, send you notifications and reminders and ensure that you and your boats are completely ready when you are heading towards the waters next time.

With a simple registration process, easy installation, and user-friendly interfaces, our app, available on android, apple, and the web, is just what you need to ensure the maintenance of your water beauty. 

Not only are our applications among the top boat maintenance apps, but they are also one of the best platforms where you can connect with your fellow boat owners and enthusiast and share relevant information, posts, pictures, experiences, and much more with them. So to make yourself a part of this unique platform and to make boating an experience like never before, get in touch with us at Boat Butler today.  


Q1. How do I make my boat ready for the summer?

A1. Well, it is only natural that before you take your boats out there in the waters, you would want to do a thorough check-up to ensure their smooth functioning. To ensure that you are making the most of the summer fun, these are the simple tips that you need to remember :

• Clean, wash and wax your boat properly.

• Empty the bilge pump by pumping out all the stored water.

• Always ensure that the battery of your boat is strongly charged.

• Check the essential components such as the lights, horns, safety equipment, carbon monoxide alarms, and much more.

• It is essential to check the oil and other fluid levels after winter.

• Ensure that the registrations of your boats are updated and that you have the stickers on.

• Most importantly, do not forget to put the drain plug make on, just in case you took it out.

Q2. What are the essential supplies needed for the maintenance of my boat?

A2. When you are out there in the water, the option for finding a repair shop just around the corner is rather thin. And that is why it is imperative that you are always carrying basic tools and other equipment to ensure maintenance by yourself. The list of supplies includes:

• Adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, etc., to make minor repairs.

• Long-handled brush or spray wand to wash the boat.

• A toxic-free detergent made especially for boat cleaning.

• Anti-corrosive for the lubrication of moving parts.

• Motor flusher.

• Digital multimeter.

• A small wire brush for cleaning.

Q3. How can I maintain a fishing boat?

A3. If you are fishing in salt water, you must wash your boats after every round to eliminate all the salt. Also, always ensure that you are checking the propeller and changing the oil regularly. It is always advisable to check the propeller several times to ensure no fishing line is wrapped around the shaft. As fishing lines can cause leaks in the gear case, always have them checked by a professional. 

Q4. How can I use the Boat Butler app for my boats?

A4. Boat Butler is a unique and innovative boat maintenance app that has been conceptualized and developed to make your boating experience comfortable and secure like never before. All you need to do is download the app, choose your subscription, and update your boat details. Once this has been done, our expert team will update you with reminders and notifications regarding the best time of service, repairs, fueling, and much more.

Q5. What is the cost of a subscription?

A5. We at Boat Butler bring you pocket-friendly and economical ways to maintain the good health of your boat at all times. From a one-month free trial period to subscriptions based on monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships, etc., you can opt for a payment method that is most suitable for you.  


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