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If there is one question that is sure always to bother you as a boat owner is "how much does it cost to run a boat"? Even though it would not be wrong to say that the total cost to run a boat is sure to differ from one vehicle to another, and differences are also bound to appear based on choices and preferences, the total expense can be divided into diverse areas. Whether you are someone who sails once a year or 25 times a year, you have to invest a fixed amount of money annually to ensure that both you and your water buddies stay safe and secure every time you are on the waters. 

What is Boat Butler?

We at boat butler are among the leading and most reliable names for top boat maintenance apps. All that needs to be done from your side is to download the app from your play store, register yourself, upload your boat details, and get started. Our advanced engine maintenance algorithms will analyze and evaluate the information shared with you and formulate an impeccable plan accordingly. With notifications and reminders, we enable you to stay updated regarding the many essential aspects of your boat.

Cost of owning a boat:

While you can leave all the hard work for our state-of-the-art boat maintenance service app, the following list will help you roughly calculate the cost of owning and running a boat. 

Let's get started:

  1. Boat  Registration - Each state is sure to have different  titling fees and registration costs. Always ensure that you completely  comply with your state's fees to avoid both penalties and trouble. The  determining factors for the registration cost depend on the class and  length of the boat. Boat registration costs are mostly paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles or the State Fish and Wildlife Agency. Before      registering, ensure that there are no hidden costs and you are paying the necessary amount.
  2. Boat  Insurance – Many factors are taken into serious consideration before your boat's insurance. Some of the most significant factors are the age of your boat, boater safety training, levels of coverage, boating history, boat type, location of the boat, etc. It is always a wise idea to meet with your insurance company before making the  final purchase. This allows for attaining a better picture of the annual  premiums.
  3. Boater  Education - Just like one needs to be aware and educated about road rules and regulations before driving a vehicle on the land, the knowledge of water rules and regulations is a must before you take a boat out there on the water. Boating education has more benefits than one can imagine. Not only does the basic information ensure that you  are keeping both your boats and yourselves safe on the water, but it also significantly helps in insurance discounts, etc. Enroll yourself in a Boating Education Program and make sure to discover the many monetary  benefits that are associated with it.
  4. Boat  Fuel - One of the most significant factors that make a difference in the costs of  running a boat is the boat fuel. The size of your boat determines the cost of fuel. The bigger the boat, the more fuel expenses. As per the National Marine Manufacturer's Association, approximately 95% of the boats in the water are under 26" in length. Even though boats of this size do not take up a lot of fuel, you can find an accurate amount through online boat  fuel calculators. Another factor that needs to be considered is the  ever-fluctuating fuel prices.
  5. Boat  Equipment - There is no rocket science in  understanding that you can never compromise on the boat equipment. From  life jackets to electronics, visual distress signals to fire extinguishers, you will need a thousand things to ensure the well-being of your boat at all times. Other factors that can add up to the cost of boat equipment depend upon the size of your water beauties and your tastes, likes, and preferences. We at Boat Butler are one of the best boat  repairs and maintenance apps that sends timely reminders and enables you to repair and replace the boat equipment at the right time.Our timely updates and notifications ensure that you are always saved from damages and that work can be streamlined in the most cost-effective ways and on time.
  6. Storage   Costs - The cost to store your boat when you are not using it is again one of the  biggest factors that determine the overall boating costs. Some primary factors that affect storage costs are the place where you want to store your boat, the size of the boat, the preference for the type of storage,the service through which you rent your storage space, etc. Storing your boat in the waters is one of the most expensive options, and this so-called "wet slip "is sure to burn a big hole in your pockets. If you are looking for ways to control your expenses when it comes to storage,outdoor and uncovered storage can do the trick for you. 
  7. Repair  and Maintenance services - As per general guidelines and boating experts, the approximate cost of repair and maintenance services for your boat is 2% of the purchase price. In the case of used or second-hand, the percentage of repair and maintenance services can go up to 10%.Even though these expenses again might differ depending on the size and type of your boat, it is crucial to remember that timely services are a must to further avoid extra expenses and also ensure the good health of your boats.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you must know that there is a boat for every budget. Timely repair and maintenance are one of the best and the most effective ways through which you can streamline the many costs-related processes in the most time-efficient ways. This is where we at Boat Butler, an excellent boat maintenance and management app, come to your rescue and ensure that we can make boating fun and secure for you like never before.

Why choose the Boat Butler app?

We at Boat Butler are one the leading boat management companies that are dedicated to accelerating your boating experience like never before. The use of the best in terms of tools and technologies has allowed us to develop a platform that not only sends you timely updates and notifications regarding the many essential aspects of your boat but also allows you to store important documents and data. A one-stop destination for everything related to your boats, our top boat maintenance apps ensure your comfort and safety on the water.

A one-stop destination for boat maintenance

To manage your boat download the application


Our app consists of advanced engine maintenance algorithms that analyze the information you share. This information includes the boat and engine type, the number of hours and days on the boat, etc. Our system analyses and calculates this information to provide timely reminders and alerts. 

One of the best boat maintenance apps, Boat Butler also allows you to connect with boating enthusiasts in other parts of the planet. You can share pictures, stories, and experiences. 

If you are looking for the right ways to make boating comfortable and fun like never before, then our boat maintenance services are just what you need. For smooth sailings,connect with us today.


1. Can I store relevant boat information on the app?

 Yes absolutely. Boat Butler is an outstanding platform that allows you to store all the accurate and relevant information regarding your boat. Our mission is to develop a one-stop destination where you can find all data regarding your boats under one roof.

2. Can I add more than one boat to the app?

Yes, you can add as many boats as you like. All that needs to be done from your side is to download our app, sign in, and add as many boats as you like.

3. What is the subscription cost of the Boat Butler app?

We at Boat Butler bring you multiple subscription choices and plans to match your needs and requirements. Log in to our website or app and go for a plan most suitable for you. 

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