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To continuously enjoy time on your boat,, timely repair and maintenance services are essential. Purchasing a boat is a big financial investment, and therefore it is only wise to take all the right steps to ensure  you are safeguarding your investment in the most efficient and effective way. One of the best methods to prolong the life of your boat is through the use of a boat maintenance service app. Even though there are many boat maintenance and management apps, choosing the right one is essential to ensure the well-being of your boats and passengers.

Some of the best apps for boat maintenance services are:

  1. Boat Butler - One of the leading and top boat maintenance apps, Boat Butler is an incredible amalgamation of the best in tools and technologies. With the  use of advanced features and state-of-the-art algorithms, Boat Butler has  been conceptualized and developed to deliver seamless boating experiences  every time. A one-stop destination for all boating-related needs and  requirements, some of the most distinctive features of the Boat Butler app are:

· Advanced engine maintenance algorithm

· Automated service reminders

· Save boat details and documentation

· Forum and community interactions 

· Track service history and payments

· Social login

· Supports an unlimited number of boats, engines, batteries and fuel tank

If you are on the lookout for a power-packed boating platform that promises reliability, comprehensive and structured service-based scheduling, data collection and analysis, security, value retention, etc., then Boat Butler is a one-stop destination for all your boat maintenance needs. This app can be downloaded from both iOS and android play Store.

2. Boating Suite – A convenient and organized approach for boat owners, the Boating Suite allows the maintenance of the many aspects of boating life. With the concept of seven boat apps in one, this boat maintenance app takes care of log trips, fuel, maintenance, and expenses and also provides the users with a to-do list. Some of the most outstanding features of the Boating Suite app are:

  • Maintenance of a detailed logbook.
  • Maintenance of boating-related expenses
  • Shopping list
  • To-do list.
  • Syncs the data with other smart devices

Looking for a boat maintenance app that secures and simplifies your time on yourboat? The Boating Suite can be a good boat management system. It is available on both Android as well as iOS.

3. KnowWake – One of the best apps for boats, KnowWake is a must for all those who are looking for an app for waterway navigation. This app is not only dedicated to making your boating experiences exceptional but also ensures your safety on the water. Driven by proactive real-time reporting from others on the waters and information gathered by Local Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, this app recommends the safest route for boating, the best places for boating, proximity to marine services, etc. Some of the best features of the KnowWake app are:

  • Outstanding waterway navigation app
  • Checkup list
  • Safety measures information and list
  • Proactive reporting 

If you want to get yourself an app that guides you on where to go in the water and allows you to explore the best places, then this might be the right platform for you. It is available on both iOS and android. 

4. Navionics – Available in multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, etc., this up-to-date boat maintenance system is available both online and offline. An app for those who love to cruise, fish, sail, and indulge in other boating activities. Some of its most interesting features are:

  • Nautical charts
  • Map options 
  • Daily updates 
  • Weather and tide forecasts

Your guide when you are on the water, Navionics also allows the users to get information from the locals and other fellow boaters, pick out their choice of destination, and more with their community edits. This app is available on both IoS and the Android play store.

A one-stop destination for boat maintenance

To manage your boat download the application


5. U.S. Coast guard mobile app – The National Recreational Boating Safety Coordinator, the U.S. Coast guard mobile app has been developed to minimizethe loss of life, personal injury, and property damage. The app is self-contained,  the personal information is stored on the phone and is not sent to the guard till the sailor chooses to share it.

Some outstanding features of this boat maintenance app are:

  • Find the latest safety regulations 
  • Request emergency assistance 
  • Find the nearest NOAA buoy
  • Maintain a check on your safety equipment 

Once the location services have been enabled, users receive the latest weather reports from the closest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather Buoys. The primary purpose of this app is to provide extra security measures to those with mobile devices. It is available on both android and IoS.

6. Marine weather app – One of the biggest factors determining your safety on the boats is the weather and the right weather forecasts. Marine weather apps are one of the best apps for a boat management system that allows you to stay informed and make the right decisions. The app provides Government alerts, Accuweather alerts, health and activities outlook, customizations, etc. 

The list of features that makes this app unique is:

  • Minute-by-minute precipitation updates
  • A real feel analysis of the wind, humidity, cloud cover, and more
  • Winter cast allows one to understand the expected extent of snow and ice
  • Hurricane tracker
  • Advanced radar & maps

A marine weather app to meet all your marine needs and requirements, marine weather provides accurate and up-to-date weather conditions making sailing fun and secure for sailors. However, this app is available only on the IoS store.


Owning and operating a boat is perhaps more complicated than you might expect. However, with the use and assistance of the right boat maintenance service apps, a lot of functions and operations can be streamlined and simplified. As boating enthusiasts and provider of the top boat maintenance app, our mission is to make boating fun, secure, and relaxing for you like never before. Our boat management system comprises advanced technologies that make boat maintenance and report services much easier to manage.

To ensure that you are always sailing happily and comfortably, get in touch with us at Boat Butler today.


1. Can I add more than one boat from the same device to the Boat Butler app?

Absolutely yes! The Boat Butler app is an incredible amalgamation of expertise, experience and technology. Our robust technology stack allows you to add as many boats as you desire. Justdownload our app, sign in, add your boat, share the boat and engine details, and add more boats by using the add boat button.

2. How does the Boat Butler app send me alerts and notifications?

The Boat Butler app provides exceptional boat management services. Our app consists of an advanced engine maintenance algorithm that analyses the information shared by you. This information includes the number of hours or days that you spend on the boat and also the boat and engine details. Based on these details, our system prepares and provides timely updates and alerts that play an imperative role in the maintenance of your water vehicles.

3. What makes Boat Butler one of the top boat maintenance apps?

Dedication to reliability, security, and par excellence services makes Boat Butler one of the best boat maintenance service apps. Our mission is to provide sailors all over the country with a timely and scheduled boat maintenance platform that allows them to sail safely and securelylike never before. 

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