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If you are someone who loves boating or is fascinated by things related to boating, then you are sure to know that boats and boating both are a different world altogether. And it is only natural that this world will surely have its vocabulary. Whether you already have a boat or plan on buying one, you must be well-versed with the basic boat terminology terms. This allows better development of your boat knowledge and simplifies and streamlines the many processes that will come your way.

Some must-know in the boat vocabulary are:

Let's get started with some of the most basic boat terms that you, as a boat lover, must be familiar with:

  1. Aft – This refers to the direction towards the back of the stem of a boat.
  2. Ashore – This means presence on land or dock from the water or going back to the waters from land.
  3. Ballast – This term is used when extra weight is placed low in a boat to provide  stability.
  4. Bow – This refers to the front of a boat. The bigger the boat, the more bows it is bound to have.
  5. Beam – This refers to the width of the boat at its widest. This is mostly the central point or the middle of the boat.
  6. Bunk – The built-in bed on a boat is called a bunk or bunk bed.
  7. Crew – The staff or people responsible for the drive and management of a boat are called crew.
  8. Cockpit -Just like an aircraft, the cockpit is the boat's main area. It consists of  the helm station and the place where management takes place.
  9. Cabin – This refers to the resting or sleeping place in a boat.
  10. Deck – This refers to the horizontal or top structure laid over the deck's hull.
  11. Fender – A vinyl, foam, or rubber bumper that is placed to protect the boat at a dock. These are also called bumpers.
  12. Forward -Bow refers to the front end of the boat. 
  13. Dock  Line – This area consists of ropes to tie a boat to the dock.
  14. Galley  –This refers to the kitchen on the boat and can be both outside and inside.
  15. Head – This means the toilet or the bathroom on the boat.
  16. Helm is  the boat's steering mechanism and can be a tiller or a wheel.
  17. Helm  station- This is the area from where one drives or commands the boat.
  18. The  hull - This is  the boat's body or shell and includes the bow and stern.
  19. Keel - Keel can be explained as the longitudinal structure at the bottom of the hull, which is generally on the center line. The primary purpose of the keel is stability and tracking.
  20. Knot – A knot is when various loops are tied in a line or a unit of speed which equals  one nautical mile per hour.
  21. Nautical  line -This is a unit of measurement used on the water. It is generally 1.2x a  statute mile.
  22. Onboard – This refers to being on the boat, which can be any part.
  23. Port – This is the left side of the boat when you are facing toward the bow.
  24. Rudder - This is an appendage below the boat, which is controlled by the wheel or the tiller to steer the boat. One boat can have more than one rudder.
  25. Starboard – This refers to the right side of the boat when you are facing the front side.
  26. Stern – This means the place which s at the back of the boat.
  27. Transom – This is the actual structure of the back edge of the boat.
  28. Wake -This refers to the turbulence that is left behind in a moving boat. 
  29. Waterline -This is the place where the hull of the boat meets the surface of the water.

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There is simply no denying the fact that boating is one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing experiences. However, if you are a boating enthusiast, then there is another fact that you need to be aware of. And that is that your boat needs to be in a prim and proper condition before you can take it out on the waters. As a boat owner, you must know the significant difference between land and water and always be prepared not just for the best but also for the worst. 

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The Boat Butler app also consists of a boating community. This community has been conceptualized and developed to connect boat lovers from different parts of the country. Here you can share your experiences, pictures, stories, and much more.

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1. Why should I choose the boat butler app?

Boat Butler is an outstanding boat maintenance app that sends you timely reminders and notifications regarding the many aspects of your boats. Our simple yet state-of-the-art software allows you to upload all the vital boat information. Based on the data shared with you, our system formulates an immaculate plan for you and ensures the good health of your boat through the mediums of notifications and reminders.

2. What are the distinct features of the Boat Butler app?

Some of the most distinctive features of the boat butler app are:

  • Advanced engine maintenance algorithm
  • Automated service reminders
  • Forum and community interactions 
  • Business Directory

3. Can I save my documents in the boat butler app?

The Boat Butler app is one of the top boat maintenance apps that allows you to store all the boat-related information and other essential data within the app itself.

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