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Believe it or not, water is one of the most dangerous things on the planet. And that is why you must be always prepared for the worst every time you are out there on your boats, enjoying the sun and the sea. We are not saying that boating is a dangerous activity, but only that every time you are out there on the waters, you should be ready to take any situation that comes your way. We at Boat Butler are one of the leading and most reliable boat maintenance apps committed to providing you with timely solutions that are sure to make boating fun, relaxed, and enjoyable like never before. 

If you are a keen boating enthusiast, you will be waiting for the time when the weather warms up, and you can take your water beauties across the beautiful country of America. Different people enjoy different activities. While some like to go sailing, some like fishing, for some, water-skiing with their friends is the best thing for summer. One can do dozens of activities when they are on the water. But again, at the same time, they must be careful, smart, and secure. In this read, we bring to you some essential tips that you must follow to keep yourself ad those around you safe on the boats:

1.  Life jackets –The most basic and essential rule of being in the water is wearing a life jacket. Did you know that as many as 83% of the victims drown in water because they are not wearing life jackets? If you are involved in a boating accident and are on a high speed, you will surely be thrown into the water. We know that water looks soft, but trust us when we say it is worse than concrete when you are falling at high speed and force. However, when you wear a life jacket, your fall will be controlled, and your head will be above the water line. Also, if you head down in the water, you will automatically turn within seconds. So, follow the laws and ensure that there are many life jackets on the boat as the people.

2. Choose the accurate life jackets –Did you know there are different life jackets for different boats? There are types I, II, III, IV, and V. Depending on the size of your boat; you must make the right decisions. You must ensure that the lifejacket onboard your watercraft comes with an approved coast guard number and is in working condition. Let's quickly take you across some of the different types of life jackets and their uses:

  • Type I lifejacket -Even though these are best suited for all water bodies, they are ideal for rough and deep waters. Also, in cases where a person might have to stay in the water for longer until help reaches them. 
  • Type II lifejackets -The "Near-shore buoyancy vests" are the most suitable for calm waters like lakes and rivers. Generally ideal in solutions where quick rescue is possible.
  • Type III lifejackets -Also famous as "floatation aids," these lifejackets are used for calm water inland and are somewhat similar to type II lifejackets.
  • Type IV lifejackets - These lifejackets are circular or tubular and are the ones you see on the sides of the ships. The tubes are connected to a rope and used to garb a person drowning close to the vessel.
  • Type V lifejackets -These lifejackets are mostly used for navigational purposes. This category includes deck suits, work vests, board sailing vests, inflatable vests, etc.

3. Do not drink and drive – Yes, this rule is applicable not just on land or air but also on the water. We are not denying that having a drink without a friend on the deck can be fun, but did you know that 15% of boat accidents occur where the captain or the passengers are not sober? To ensure your safety and those who are sailing with you, always ensure that there is a check on your liquor intake and that every passenger is in their senses.

4. Take the boating safety course – Whether you are sailing a boat for the first or the 100th time, you must take a boating safety course. It will allow you to understand the risks that are closely associated with driving a boat and all the right measures that will ensure the prevention of the same. You can opt for these courses offline as well as online.

5. Do not overload your boat – You mustn't forget that you cannot stuff as many people in the boat as there is space. Each boat comes with its capacity, and always ensure that you exceed the limit by no means. Overloading has been known to be one of the biggest causes behind boats sinking and people meeting accidents.

6. Maintain safe speeds and respect the water - Speeding on the water can be as dangerous as speeding on the roads. Do not take turns at high speed, as it increases the chances of the boat slipping over. Always maintain the right speed, especially in marinas and no wake zones. Respect the rules and the traffic on the water and ensure that you are keeping yourself safe and those around you.

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7. Stay informed about the weather - If you always check the weather before they head out, then congratulations, you are doing the smart thing. It is a good idea to do it every time you are traveling a fair distance, but it is especially important when you are going in the waters. Can you imagine a scenario where you wake up on a sunny morning and go fishing with your friend's miles offshore? Suddenly you see the sky turning black and find yourself and your loved ones in the middle of a terrible storm. When you see water gushing inside the boat from the sky and the sea, you will surely regret not checking the weather update before. So, what can we say, always and always ensure that you are informed about the status of the weather?

8. Drain doesn’t leak – When your boat spends half its life on a trailer it can be easy to forget this simple but dangerous chore. Always ensure that your drain plugs are correctly installed before you get started. Look for easy yet effective ways through which you can always remember to follow this essential task. Even though there are many ways to do it, always select an option that is easy for you to remember.

9. Ensure the proper care and maintenance of your boat – Will you not agree that it is not merely buying a boat that is critical but taking care of it? Like any other vehicle, a boat has many components, and proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that your boat always stays in good condition. We at Boat Butler are right here to make this part of boating easy for you. Our state-of-the-art boat maintenance app sends you timely notifications and updates, which enables you to get services done on time, check the fuel, maintain cleanliness, and much more. With our top boat maintenance app, sailing is secure and fun like never before.

10. Install a carbon monoxide detector - After you have fuelled your boats, you must always open the V-berth and hatches around the vessel and check for any gasoline or diesel fumes leakages. If you ever smell fumes, never turn on the boat, as it can lead to explosions. What makes the installation of carbon monoxide detectors a must is a fact that these gases are odorless and tasteless, and leakages can have serious repercussions. However, with a carbon monoxide detector, you can be assured that the problem is getting detected well on time.

11. Must-have essentials –Before you take your boats to the waters, your water babies must be well-equipped with all the essentials. From a loaded first aid kit to a torch to other safety equipment that includes a flare gun, duct tape, whistle, bucket, ropes, fire extinguisher, etc., Make sure you always have it all.

There is no denying that boating or sailing is one of the best and most rewarding experiences in human life. However, it would help if you remembered that all good times come with a responsibility. If you are taking care of all the above points, then stay assured that nothing can block your way from having the time of your life every time you are on the waters. 

Boat Butler is all about a boat management system that sends you timely updates and reminders based on the boat details shared with you. We also provide a boating community that allows you to connect with other boat enthusiasts, see their stories and pictures, and share yours with them.

To make boating fun and secure, our best boat repair and maintenance app is just what you need. To discover the many more benefits of Boat Butler, get in touch with us today. 

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