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Boat Butler came into existence in the year (2021) intending to deliver par-excellence services for boat owners and enthusiasts. We wanted to develop a platform through which boating could be made a fun, enjoyable, and memorable experience. Boat Butler has been conceptualized and designed to provide you with state-of-the-art boating services, a platform where you can connect with other boat owners and enthusiasts, and ensure that your precious vehicles remain in great condition whether you chose to use your boats or not.



Our mission is to provide you with a seamless experience every time you are out there in the waters. To ensure that your water vehicles stay in excellent condition we have built platforms for you that are constantly updating you through reminders. Based on the engine and boat analysis, our app sends you timely reminders to take care of the many aspects of your boats be it fueling, maintenance, cleaning, and much more. This outstanding automated process allows boat owners to maintain their boats before, after, and during boating seasons.



To provide you with a world-class boat maintenance app that is committed to delivering reliability and safety at every point. Our boat maintenance software is accessible online and offline and allows you to make your marine life fully cataloged, organized, and consolidated. By maintaining timely upkeeps, we ensure that problems are being spotted, analyzed, and checked beforehand and that you are always ready when you are out there on the waters saving energy, time, and money.

Why choose Boat Butler App?


An ocean of features

Boat Butler is a one-stop solution for all your boat-related needs and requirements. To ensure that you have a blast every time you are out there with your boats, we have developed a power-packed boating platform with many essential features. These are:

  • Trial and paid subscription plans
  • Social login
  • Advanced engine maintenance algorithms
  • Automated service reminders
  • Custom reminders and notifications
  • Save boat details and documentation
  • Track service history and payments
  • Forum and community interactions
  • Business Directory


Sailing by all means is one of the most rewarding and exquisite experiences a person can have. The feel of being surrounded by water, the light of the sun, and the freshness in the air can make a person forget everything and get refreshed and rejuvenated like never before. To ensure that this experience stays as pleasant as it is meant to be, we at Boat Butler ensure that we are taking care of all the other essentials. Our top-notch boat maintenance app has been built using advanced maintenance algorithms that provide users with constant updates, notifications, and much more. Our most distinguished services include:



Once registrations have been done on the app with the boat and engine details. All the user needs to do is update the working engine hours. Based on this information, our team of experts, analyze and evaluate the status of your boats. From sending you notifications about the best time to get your boats serviced to provide you with a list of service stations and boat vendors based on quality, location, time, etc., our top boat maintenance apps are sure to do it all for you.



Our boat management system consists of an all-inclusive platform for boat owners, where they cannot just connect and engage with the boat owners and enthusiasts but also become part of a thriving boat culture through forums and communities. From uploading pictures of your water beauties to sharing your experiences to posting pictures and information, there is a lot that can be done.

Why choose Boat Butler?

We at Boat Butler are all about an innovative and dedicated approach to boat and yacht maintenance. Our objective is to provide you with a structured and planned maintenance schedule that allows you to be ready and well-equipped for your time on the water. Our yacht management app is an excellent amalgamation of tools and technologies that will not just send your constant reminders to ensure the smooth functioning of your boats but also deliver a platform where you can connect with other like-minded people.


Improve reliability


Save time, money, and other resources


Comprehensive and structured service-based scheduling


Data collection & analysis




Value retention


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